Housing Guide to Sigma Nu Members

Damage and Vandalism (all EN-GK Properties)
broken-windowThe expenses for any and all tenant caused damage and/or vandalism and/or stolen – missing property items, will be billed immediately back on a pro rata basis (based on the property location where the damages, vandalism, stolen – missing property occurred) at a cost to the responsible person(s) of 150% of the actual expense. As an example, a window is broken in a common area of the property at 1043 Pleasant and the repair costs $200.00. Unless the individual member who caused the damages is readily identified and accepts full responsibility, each member living at the 1043 Pleasant property would be assigned a pro rata basis of $300 ($200 for repair and $100 “add on fee”). The “add on” is a separately charged item and is necessary to help recover the administrative costs (excess time, etc.) of billing back the expenses, ensuring that the repair is done timely/correctly and for future capital improvements at the property. The 50% charge does not go to Sunnyside Property Management, but rather into the Sigma Nu GK capital improvements funds for the chapter property compound. In the event that damage or vandalism or stolen property takes place in “any common area room of the Main House – 1043 Pleasant” (or damages occur to any exterior property amenities), without the violator being identified, then ALLtenants who live on the Sigma Nu property compound will incur the pro rata pass-through expense. This policy is in place because all members utilize the common areas of the 1043 Pleasant property on a daily basis.

There is one exception to the add-on charge which is damage to any door at the compound. A damaged or “kicked in door” is charged at a flat rate of $1,000.00 per each and every instance of damage – NO EXCEPTIONS. Please do not “kick in doors”. It will not be tolerated. Violators will be subject to immediate review by the EN-GK Judicial Board and it will cost you financially.