Move In/Out Procedures

Move-in Instructions for Lease Term

moveindayPrior to Move-in
The following items must be completed before you can move in:

  • Application Form: Form must have phone numbers, permanent mailing addresses, and email addresses for tenant and guarantor. If you turned in an application in previous years you do not need to turn in another one.
  • Guarantor Agreement: Guarantor form must be filled out and signed by legal guardian, with phone numbers, mailing addresses, and email addresses completed for both tenant and guarantor.
  • Application Fee: Fee of $50 must be paid (if applicable).
  • Lease: Every page must be signed and completed.
  • Security Deposit: Security deposit must be paid in full.
  • Last Month’s Single Room & Board: Monthly rent for 2 months must be fully paid.
  • Fraternity Dues: Upcoming semester dues must be paid in full.

Move-in Date

On the move-in date (may vary depending on which house you will be living in) each member must come into the Sunnyside Property Management office at 4890 Riverbend Rd. Lower Unit B, Boulder, CO 80301 and complete the following:

  • Pay the full rent for that month including the flat rate utility charge.
  • All members must have a $0.00 (Zero) balance on their ledger Members must be paid-up in full.
  • All members must fill out the key check-out form and provide their current phone number and email address as well as a current phone number and email address for their guarantor.
  • All members will be given a move-in packet which contains the Move-In Condition Report. The Move-In Condition Report must be completed and returned within 7 days.

Move-In/Move-Out Dates

Move-in and move-out dates are provided in the lease agreement. Typically, the move-in date is mid-August and the move-out date is early August. This allows adequate time to address any maintenance or repair issues prior to the next brother occupying the room.

Keys will not be given to any member who has not completed all of these items.

If you have any questions please contact Sunnyside Property Management at 303-442-7773.