Room and Board Costs

Room & Board Costs

signusignThe food and housing cost of living at Sigma Nu is comparable to living in Boulder with roommates in an apartment.

The pluses are creating a large group of lifelong friends and use of all the on-property amenities like a Basketball Court, Sand Volleyball, Laundry Facilities, and a well-equipped workout room.

Here’s what the costs include:

  • Monthly Single Room & Board: Meal plan cost is mandatory. Monthly rent is discounted if received by early lease signing date.
  • Monthly Utilities: Flat rate charged per month.
  • Annual Security Deposit: Due when your lease is signed. 
  • Fraternity Dues: Charged per semester. Utilized for social activities, Rush, athletic, philanthropic and both Colorado IFC and National Fraternity obligations. The active chapter reserves the right to adjust the dues amount.
  • All costs per school year are detailed in the lease agreement.

CLICK HERE for Sample Lease 2022- 2023

Steps to Applying for Housing

1. Online website for Sunnyside Property Management:, Click on Student leasing, go to Sigma Nu Compound and Annexes.

2. Click on APPLY NOW button in lower right. (Tenant fills out application, not guarantor)

3. Complete the Application, including your email, and the Co-signer/Guarantor contact email information in the question section, and Pay the Application Fee. When paying for the application by E-check, there is not a convenience fee. Please follow steps provided throughout the process.

4. Sunnyside Property Management will send the Guarantor Form to the contact person provided on the application – ALL applicants must have a Guarantor (Financial Backer) for Sunnyside to process the application paperwork. Please inform your noted Guarantor that the form will be arriving and to complete it as soon as possible.

5. Upon return of the completed Guarantor form, Sunnyside will create your personal lease and send it to you via email.

6. Payment of Security Deposit is due at time of Lease Signing. When paying for the security deposit by E-check, there is not a convenience fee.