Fraternity Costs and Requirements


Fraternities are a communal living experience.  It’s comparable in cost to living in an apartment and buying all your own food.  And it comes with the life-long experiences, friendships, learning, connections and personal responsibilities that grow out of living together with a diverse group of individuals.  The foundation of that ongoing community is a commitment to the financial and physical well-being of the chapter.  Every man counts.  And every man is asked to do his equal and required share for his personal benefit and the good of the whole.


  • All costs per school year are detailed in the lease agreement administered by Sunnyside Property Management. No changes are allowed to the lease agreement. Potential New Members and their parents are strongly advised to clearly understand their financial obligations prior to accepting a “bid” to join Sigma Nu.
  • The lease includes costs for:
  1. Monthly Single Room & Board: Meal plan cost is mandatory. Monthly rent is discounted if received by early lease signing date.
  2. Monthly Utilities: Flat rate charged per month.
  3. Annual Security Deposit: Due when your lease is signed. Security deposit is discounted if received by early lease signing date.
  4. Fraternity Dues: Charged per semester. Utilized for social activities, Rush, athletic, philanthropic and both Colorado IFC and National Fraternity obligations. The active chapter reserves the right to adjust the dues amount.

CLICK HERE for Sample Lease 2022 – 2023


ALL Sigma Nu GK members MUST MEET these requirements.  There are ZERO exceptions:

  • Live on the property compound a minimum of 2 years/housing terms. (a lease is required to be signed each year by the member and their parental guarantors).
  • meal service plan is provided, within the total housing contract, to all members during the fall and spring semesters of each CU academic year.
  1. Meals are provided weekly (continental/hot breakfasts, lunches, dinners)
  2. Members, through their designated kitchen manager and committee, interact directly with the on-site cook, to help determine appropriate menus (including vegetarian).
  3. Every member that lives in one of the chapter property buildings, is required to FULLY PARTICIPATEin the provided meal service plan (even if dietary restrictions, scheduling conflicts, illness, etc. might prevent them from eating some or any of the meals.)
  4. Please consider this requirement carefully before committing to join and live at the Sigma Nu properties.  This meal plan is not offered on an ala carte or opt out basis.
  • Be a EN-GK member in “good CU and fraternal academic and moral standings”.
  • All academic requirements must be continually maintained while a member of the Sigma Nu Fraternity chapter. Requirements are listed in the Sigma Nu Gamma Kappa Chapter Academic Plan of Action.
  • CLICK HERE to view the Academic Plan of Action
  • All fees, dues, expenses, rent, meal plan, utilities pro rata share, etc. are expected to be paid when required (per your signed lease agreement).  Late payments of any type will result in the immediate, ongoing assessment of daily financial penalties to your individual invoice, as stated in your lease agreement.  It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that your payments are RECEIVED (in the offices of Sunnyside Property Management) no later than the due date.